Happy Place

by Impact Church

“But you know Him, for He dwells with you and will be in you”. John 14: 17b

God cannot give us happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there.  there is no such thing.  ~ C.S. Lewis

It is in the dryness and barrenness of the human soul that it never rests. And it is in the endless search for climes that supply lack that the soul’s poverty is confirmed. And it is in the certainty that nothing can satisfy that the soul remains temperamental and transient.

Moving, changing, rearranging; restless and discontent- the soul of man is confined to an irritability that creates conflict and confusion, both in community and in the body it dwells. His efforts for control isolates, his search for fulfillment disappoints, and his struggles for independence imprisons. Succinctly put, it’s not easy being human.

But it’s not like there’s been a scarcity of above average people, entertaining places and pleasurable things to discover and experience the soul’s “happy place”. Let’s be honest here: human beings are on record as being extremely blessed with opportunities and experiences!

Consider Eden’s garden in Adam’s day as the near perfect “in” place to be. And with Moses and the Tabernacle, the presence of God was an enviously “cool” place to hang. Likewise, the Temple in Solomon’s day was “off the charts”! God has met with, talked with, and touched humankind in unimaginable ways.

Yet, no discovery, discipline, relationship, or experience ever brought peace to the ever searching soul. And that is as it scripturally should be. No man is created complete apart from God’s indwelling spirit. Though created as a living soul, and though God walked with man in the cool of the day- God’s eternal design was to live in man, not merely with him.

Though sin, through disobedience, entered the human race, and though God’s Law, as good and perfect as it was, could never redeem us, and though the road to get us here was incomprehensible – all the oblique disconnects had a purpose! The antagonists of Satan and sin had to be exposed and conquered to prepare the soon dwelling place of God.

Thus, a piercing of the earth’s atmosphere in Jesus’ birth and His body pierced in death was required to expose what the prophets declared to be true- the human heart, mind, and soul is a total disaster.

But what a Savior we have! And what a work He did! And, above all, it is finished!

Washed. Cleansed. Forgiven. Robed. Righteous. And ready!

“I got to go now. What was promised will not come unless I leave. So go back to Jerusalem, wait there, and you’ll see what this is all about! He’s been with you, but he’ll soon be in you. Later. Bye!” – Jesus

And as He promised, the Holy Spirit descended on a congregation of 120, and the New Testament church received the down payment of the fullness of God’s provision.

No longer would the soul, as a pilgrim, search anywhere for fulfillment, peace or purpose.

Neither would man travel to some sacred place to experience God’s presence.

And no longer would those made in the image of God ever need to outsource an indigence.

Now, direct access to God made prayer a source of confidence and assurance.

An unmeasurable power lies within now- exceeding, abundantly, above, all we can ask or think.

Dwelling securely now in a temple God promised He’d personally build, believers in Jesus find an inexpressible peace, contentment and rest.

“Therefore with joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation”, prophesied Isaiah!

And, “out of his heart will flow rivers of living water,” Jesus declared triumphantly at the Spirit’s coming!

With such comforting assertions and with such chaotic and turbulent circumstances, may those who know their God enjoy the extraordinary promises this wonderful gift provides!

Blessings and prayers as Impact Church draws from this unending well of grace!