The Path to Honor

by Impact Church

The fear of the Lord is the instruction of wisdom; and before honor is humility. 

Proverbs 15:33

Had the scriptures not esteemed humility as a highly prized virtue, it likely would have been relegated to the rubbish heap of epithets and by-words centuries ago. At first blush, humility seems to be at best a counter-intuitive exercise of self-degradation; and at worst, an inhuman effort to desecrate and destroy one’s immeasurable potential and well being for a lifetime. No wonder God alone sustains and glorifies such a divine, yet humanly despicable, virtue.

Honor, on the other hand, is a universally desired quality since the days of Cain and Abel. To be favored, recognized and exalted before God and among peers is to deeply satisfy the inner workings of the human psyche. However, to truly grasp the glory and majesty of honor, we’d be wise to consult King Saul’s record to delve the dark depths men will go to possess such a status.

(Remember: Only things valued are ever counterfeited. Honor and humility are of great value. False humility is a counterfeit producing shallow honorees. These two empty suits produce cheap tinsel crowns, wooden thrones, and fickle kings. So God, please, spare us that potential reality!)

Honor is inextricably linked with humility, but arrives and is unpackaged only after humility’s high cost is paid. And noticing humility’s price tag is never less than a constantly sacrificed ego- few are willing to write and sign that profoundly proverbial check.

But despair no longer, guys! Both honor and humility are what they should be- beyond us and mere myths without grace as our divine helper!

Wisdom teaches that prior to any glorious honoring there’s an inherently inglorious humbling. Armed with that knowledge, humility brings obedience alongside to define and measure humility’s progress. Not a humility that’s measured by convenient contributions and pious words; but a humility measured by painstaking obedience, a counting not my life dear, and a determination to be accountable till the assignment is fulfilled.

We waste our debate breath if we argue who killed Jesus. Unequivocally, it was an unworldly obedience that lead Him full bore to his death on a Roman cross. And since obedience, by definition, requires volition, an act of the will – obedience, in measuring will and ethos, determined ultimately Christ’s degree of reward and honor. And what an honor He received! …And is yet to receive!

  • His Father/Son relationship inspired His humility.
  • His humility inspired His servant mindedness.
  • His servant mind inspired his obedience.
  • His obedience placed him on a shameful tree.
  • His death inspired His Father’s glorification and exaltation! (Heb 5:8) (Phil 2:6-11)

For those who love Him, the spectrum of humility is tightly book-ended by obedience. There’s a confession of faith on one end, and a body presented as a living sacrifice on the other. Now, whether in common self-denial or uncommon martyrdom, we gladly retain the sentence of death day to day for His namesake… All the while we anticipate the glorious return of the One who made humility and obedience an honorable endeavor!

So as opportunities to share life and light are afforded us this week, let’s stretch our collective love and faith muscles and allow God to use us in unanticipated and uncommon ways! There’s no limit to our power and influence when those Holy Spirit nudges are obeyed!