What Amazes the Amazing One?

by Impact Church

“When Jesus heard it, He marveled…” (Matthew 8:10)

Ever thought about the wonder-inspiring life of Jesus? We sing about His amazing grace, and rightfully so, but let’s reflect for a bit on His days with dusty feet and sweaty brow as a First Century human.

Time and time again through the gospels, we read that Jesus left people speechless with their jaws dropped open! When He made crippled men walk and dumb men speak and blind men see, the Jewish multitudes marveled. The villagers who watched Him grow up as a carpenter’s son were dumbfounded at this common man’s education and knowledge. “We’ve never seen anything like this in Israel!” they said.

Even those who set themselves against Jesus, the religious leaders of the day and their hired henchmen, were astonished at His authoritative teachings and had no answer for Him. “Nobody has ever spoken like this man speaks!” they said.

While others were amazed with Jesus’ words, Pontius Pilate marveled at His silence and self-control.

And those closest to Jesus, His own hand-picked disciples, repeatedly were left scratching their heads when their Master defied their expectations by talking to an unclean woman at a Samaritan well or by cursing a barren fig tree or by rebuking turbulent winds and waves. “Wow! What kind of man is this?!?”

Needless to say, the Greek word “thaumazo” (meaning to marvel or wonder) was used more than 30 times by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. If Jesus were walking in flesh among us today, we might say He “dropped the mic” on a regular basis and left audiences stunned everywhere!

But have you ever wondered what makes the One called Wonderful wonder? What amazes the Author of amazing grace? What makes Jesus say “Whoa!”?

Only two of those “thaumazo” occurrences apply to the Lord’s reactions — and both of them involve faith. Jesus marveled at great faith,…and He was stunned by the absence of it.

When a Roman centurion approached Him about healing his son and declared that the Healer’s words spoken from a distance would be sufficient, Jesus stood in awe of such understanding — from a Gentile, of all people!

Conversely, when the Great Physician wanted to perform many miracles among His own people of Galilee, He couldn’t do so and marveled at their unbelief.

Dear friend, is it safe to say that the Lord who loves you more than you can imagine wants to do incredible things in your life? Of course He does.

The only question remaining is: Will you amaze Jesus today by your faith,…or your lack of it?