Who Can Stand Against Us

by Impact Church

Thessalonians 1:18 “Wherefore we would have come unto you, even I Paul, once and again; but Satan hindered us.”

Outside of Paul’s thorn in the flesh, no verse provokes conjecture as quickly as this one. The possibilities here are too varied, the context too vague, and the purposes for leaving out such detail too divine to make what’s not scripted the focus.

What’s critical is that Satan is positively identified as the hinderer. And for a believer to tag Satan as the opposer to good deeds is perfectly comforting. For had it been negligence or lack of desire for visiting the Thessalonians, then apathy, not faith would have reigned. But the Chosen know their Foe well, and they take consolation that their ministry work merits Satan’s attention. And it’s an honor to have the Accuser of the brethren seek to stymie their great work of love!

For the Elect know the limitations and allowances of demons; and are certain that though Satan often opposes our efforts in the short term, the long term purposes of God will prevail! The window and tenure of demon opposition is small and short; a truth believers revel in, even in temporal setbacks and unanticipated tribulations!

So think it not strange, as Peter exhorts the believing Church, that we experience fiery trials, myriad delays and multiple attacks. Rejoice exceedingly when things are topsy-turvy and “out of the blue” roadblocks pop up! Faith is tried greatest when the furnace is hottest… but so is the resultant glory!

God never promised us a trouble free journey; neither does faith carry “exemption from suffering” privileges, or “get out of jail” coupons. But we are promised that wherever we go, we’ll not go alone! And we’re confident that if God goes with us, He’s for us! And if God is for us, who can stand against us!

We always triumph with Christ at the helm!

Let’s get this week started with unshakable faith, and get our God some well-deserved glory!