Trust is Power

by Impact Church

“Master, carest thou not that we perish?” Mark 4:38

Is not this desperate appeal for help a common reaction when our lives or livelihood is in jeopardy? And do we not exercise our ever present right to blame something or someone when others could, or should, intervene and save us from peril and pain? Of course, it’s common to patronize such responses. For we’re conditioned to redirect our fears and uncertainties to outside power sources, in hopes our distresses are alleviated and our fears assuaged.

And do we not often bemoan the fact that few acknowledge or sympathize with our dilemmas, uncertainties, injustices or negative experiences? Does anyone really care anymore? Are we now expected to fend for ourselves? Are we to configure and plan the joy and fulfillment of our lives through social connectedness, perfect timing, or favorable winds? Or far worse, are we winging life by trusting good luck charms, vibes or karma?
Be sure, the parallel of the disciples’ fearful experiences on the Galilean Sea are not so far from our own. For though we may never embark with Jesus on a boat to cross the sea, those who’ve believed in Him have in a figure enlisted with Him on the journey of journeys… Life!

So it’s not strange then to hear fellow believers bewail the downward spiral of our world; of our culture, the breakdown and perversion of morality, the division of religions and races, or the rancorous state of our elected officials. “Where’s God in all this?” we mutter on Monday as our chaotic world tilts and its trusted systems implode. Yet on Sunday and on cue, we sang gustily, “What a mighty God we serve”! Seems we’re not so different from those drenched disciples who woke up Jesus to save them from the perils of the sea!

Our human sympathies extend to these disciples as they, through fear, approach Jesus with, “Master, carest thou not that we perish?”. Yet it elicited a loving reproof from the One who invited them to the journey! He abruptly calmed the storm with a “Peace be still”, but He also quickly challenged their faith. “Why are you so fearful? How is it that you have no faith?”

Moral of the storm? May we never forget that though we are prone to focus on the quick satisfying of our needs, God is more focused on our reliance and trust! And though calling on the Master for help in the distresses of our lives is commendable and proper– the elements of fear, helplessness and death when we experience them are unjustifiable, knowing His very presence is always available for us!

Scant and shallow was the disciples understanding of the security and safety that’s inherent in “doing life” with Jesus. At their discipleship stage, the Master’s ability to make their journey undeniably successful was an unknown and undiscovered quantity. They were well accustomed to calling Him Master; but to have their eyes opened to the profound implications and fathomless depth and power of that Name, only a storm disproportionate to their strength could serve that purpose.

Lessons from the seas of life reveal in abundance the assurance of God’s providential care of those He chooses. It’s in the discipleship journey that revelations of His character and compassion are experienced and trusted. When we assume our relationship is built on trust (not on the strength and whims of our own flesh or the capriciousness of selfish power brokers), we enter boisterous seasons, not with trepidation, but with relationship-building confidence.

These 3 foundational truths hold us together when the temptations to fear and doubt bombard our boats. Make these the anchor of our souls when life takes tumultuous turns; for God is faithful!

1. If He invites us to the journey and we embark, then He is obligated through His promises to take us safely through.
2. And if He invites us to the journey and we enter the fellowship of life, then He’ll never leave us as we traverse the journey’s unknowns.
3. And if He invites us to cross the sea to the other side with Him, then regardless of the sea’s fury and life’s unexpectedness, arriving at the destination is unquestioned!