Acts 27:10

by Impact Church

Acts 27:10 …Sirs, I perceive that this voyage will be with hurt and much damage, not only of the lading and ship, but also of our lives. 11) Nevertheless the centurion believed the master and the owner of the ship, more than those things which were spoken by Paul.

The words of the wise are oft ignored by the unspiritual, but speak them anyway. Wise words have multiple implications, so that even if they’re presently unappreciated or unfruitful, they inevitably, in time, will be. Furthermore, words of wisdom assure the perpetual presence of the messenger, whether he’s near or far. And the counsel of the spiritual has the potential of putting the Gospel to the fore in the hustle bustle of secular life.

As heaven’s ambassadors to an oblivious and sightless world, our assignment is to bring a tangible awareness of God’s unmatched love. The richly endowed Christ, the physical embodiment of the unseen God, came in myriad ways to make that assignment visible and possible. Power, sacrifice and miracles were abundantly clear in His works; but maybe, just maybe, His words of wisdom were even greater.

So step aboard with the Apostle Paul and his 275 fellow shipmates sailing towards Rome. This spectacular voyage, recorded in Acts 27 in most intimate detail, holds volumes of practical insight into the believer’s role in an unbelieving and uninformed world. As Paul was confined to a ship with an assortment of misfits and wannabes, so our lives are lived out in the cultures and circumstances of community associations and moral obligations.

There’s no record of Paul being expert in the risky business of open seas sailing. Yet his forewarned advice to the ship’s captain on courses of action, while quite bold in presentation, carried a far more startling and uncanny view of the aftermath. It’s likely the captain’s rejection of Paul’s wisdom in sailing matters stemmed from his misinformed disconnect of spiritual involvement in earthy affairs.

It’s commonly believed now, as it was in Paul’s day, that spiritual wisdom has little relevance to earth’s daily decisions and quick-response-needed quagmires. The uninitiated assume our quality of life as believers is alien to our cosmic reality, having its weighty promises applied only to our heavenly residence. Oh, but that’s the great penalty of misunderstanding redemption’s vast coverage! As the lives of believers are invariably scoped by the doubters, our reasoning and rationales hold unfathomable influence in the rugged world of business, finances, education, or car buying! So that the soft intrusion of Grace has unlimited access to the volatile mind of the ever present skeptic.

True wisdom possesses no dictatorial intent; on the contrary. Wise words simply create new worlds of opportunity. Wise words provide alternative actions, ideas and perceptions. Wise words create cultures of hope where dungeons of darkness and despair reign. Words of wisdom spoken in governments of self and law expose the disparities, weaknesses and limitations of human understanding. More importantly, wisdom holds attentive power over truth seekers; so that wisdom and those desiring wisdom are always in search of each other. Ultimately, wisdom has the last say; for joy and peace are the fruit of those trusting her application. And on the undercard, wisdom has the last laugh. For the indecisive and inattentive have no seat at the banquet of the humble.

Wise words and counsel, under the auspices of the spirit filled, exist as light. Without invitation; without permission; without intimidation; without fanfare; without competition; without regret; and without the fear of futility. Wisdom exists for safety, success and salvation; an understanding of both temporal and eternal realms.

Wisdom holds the key to life’s fulfillments; all of its reasoning; all of its questions; and all of its meanings. So that wisdom, integrating with purpose, makes possible the innumerable blessings of those under her care. Wisdom transfers potential to potent reality, a scarcity in a world of loss, hurt and failure.

So consider the hefty compensation provided those under wisdom’s care. And with confidence as a daily signing bonus, who wouldn’t want to live under such privilege? So receive wisdom, give wisdom, and trust wisdom. The world awaits the logic of our hope. Make it available and sow with joyful anticipation!