Heaven Smiles

by Impact Church

Therefore the Lord Himself shall give you a sign; Behold, a virgin shall conceive, and bear a son, and shall call His name Immanuel. Isaiah 7:14

Maybe in the sending of His Son, the Father had a disproportionate sense of humor alongside His usual matter of fact forthrightness. Or, maybe He simply wanted to make a statement of His own purpose and will, contrasting creation’s attempt to reform itself. Or, maybe just to spit in the eye of the Devil, He’d make a scene with the one who’d been the major antagonist in the saga of human existence since, forever. Or, maybe He came to expose the foolishness of human wisdom by the very things the wisdom of the age scorned. Each “maybe”, with the exception of the first, is scripturally apparent. The first though, may have greater significance. For the pseudo standards of a tilted world needed a Truth realignment.

Remember that any divine act has intent, purpose. and consequences; and the supernatural birth of Jesus is at the center of them all.

And, God has both privilege and platform to express Himself without limitations, and in ways that He alone is credited. He simply has that power, and He exploits that virtue randomly, and in the raw. Despised, trivialized, and marginalized; those are essentials for a God moment.

In any case and in any way, bottom line- the Father sent the Savior because of His love for the beings He created. And Love’s strategy for mankind’s salvation was radical and in the extreme. A love story unparalleled in history and a redemptive effect far beyond human reformation. And, yet deeper, a story entwined in the fabric of creation and riveted to the soul of every man.

So His birth, an anomaly, apart from social norm and eons from the narratives of earthy kings, became the cornerstone of faith. But should we have expected anything status quo from the power of an infinitely powerful God? A nobody girl? A baby? And she a virgin? Without a man? Are folks talking?

Heaven smiles.

And who would’ve thought that little town of Bethlehem, the smallest among the places of Judah, would be the birthplace of this King of kings! Were there not more sophisticated cities, cities of renown and far more populous? But Bethlehem, the House of Bread, bears witness to His purpose. And those selected lambs brought to Bethlehem, kept there as offerings in Jerusalem’s Temple just five miles down the road, bore witness also of “the Lamb slain before the foundation of the world”. But a King? Born in a byway town? Among lowly shepherds? And no tabloid exposure, entourages, or paparazzi?

Heaven smiles.

And, if Bethlehem, the least likely of all towns is to bear the King, how about  placing that King in a manger where beasts feed? Would that be despicable enough to remove any semblance of earthy royalty? Would that lowly manger be delicately positioned, so that the high and mighty would refuse connection to Him or gain credit from Him?

Heaven smiles.

For God in this birth, identified with our true status, not the noble and revered one the blind leaders embellished and embraced (and the one we so oft in our pride entertain). Suffice it to say, if anything heavenly comes from such earthiness, then God alone is its author, and God alone is to be glorified. Such was the intent, and such was the result!

Heaven smiles.

When sinners find Grace in the filth of their sin and guilt, credit the humility and lowliness of the One who stooped to earth and wrapped Himself in our rags. His debasement offered we sinners- guilty and condemned, ultimate hope and freedom! And when men believe the preposterous and incalculable Advent, Cross, and resurrection of Immanuel,… Scripture attests to the heavenly response!

Heaven smiles.