I Love Impact Worship

by Impact Church

I love music, especially music that echoes the Word of God. That music has always played an important role in my spiritual life. It is a reliable place of safety, refuge and sanctuary when the pressures and weight of life seem overwhelming. It has supplied courage, clarity and confidence when facing giants, battles and impossibilities. Music has been used to remind me of His promises; to anchor my soul in the middle of storms; and has even been a weapon to chase away fear.

I have a confession to make though; I wear songs out! Certain lyrics just seem to resonate with me in different seasons, so I just put that particular song on repeat and play it over and over. I apologize to anyone who has to ride in the car with me!

The song that Impact’s worship team introduced this weekend, “Good, Good Father,” is that song for me at this time. Its message has been a place of solace and comfort as I have prayed and believed God for the families and individuals of our church. Everyone’s story is different. The facts surrounding our lives vary tremendously. Some are rejoicing, some are dealing with loss, some are living with uncertainties, and some are celebrating. However, as children of God, we all have a mutual reality.  A reality that carries more weight than anything else in our lives.

We have a Father.

….and He is Present.

….and He is Good.

….and His ways are perfect.

From that reality, perspective changes, faith rises and fear is dispelled. God is not distant. He is a “very present help.” (Psalms 46:1) God is not powerless. He is “mighty to save.” (Zephaniah 3:17) God is not unconcerned. He is “compassionate and gracious.” (Psalms 103:8) God is not unknowing. Our “Father knows exactly what you need even before you ask Him.”  (Matthew 6:8)

Find rest today in His unchanging nature as a Father and your sealed relationship as a son. Because He is who He is, you are who you are. You’re chosen, justified and blessed. That’s not just what we have, it’s our identity. It’s who we are!

Good, Good Father  

Oh, I’ve heard a thousand stories of what they think You’re like

but I’ve heard the tender whisper of love in the dead of night

You tell me that You’re pleased and that I’m never alone

You’re a Good, Good Father

It’s Who You are, it’s Who You are,

It’s Who You are

and I’m loved by You

It’s who I am, It’s who I am,

It’s who I am

I’ve seen many searching for answers far and wide

But I know we’re all searching for answers only You provide

Because You know just what we need before we say a word

You are perfect in all of Your ways

You are perfect in all of Your ways

You are perfect in all of Your ways to us