Fashion By Grace

by Impact Church

Let us be glad and rejoice, and give honor to him: for the marriage of the Lamb is come, and his wife hath made herself ready. 8) And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white; for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints. 9) And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. Rev. 21:7

Regardless the event attended, eventually the greater focus becomes, “What should I wear”? Few attend functions oblivious or unconcerned of attire; for the subtle pressures of peers, conformity and tradition demand attention to one’s dress. And if coolness or uncoolness is determined by the clothes one wears, then knowing what’s “in” must be a major concern.

And since the hipsters of fashion convince us that “clothes make the man”, we max the plastic to keep up with the commerce driven nuances of Madison Avenue. Interestingly, the marketing scheme of such constant change is genius. For if “clothes make the man”,… and they decide what’s cool,… and they make the clothes- then the garment industry is out like a bandit!

Oh ok.  But what’s your point?

Thanks for the segue!

Did you know we’ve been invited to the greatest marriage ever?

It’s true! It’s actually true! The King of kings has called us, not as attendants to His wedding, but as His Bride! You’re talking upgrade? We just got one!

I know, it’s preposterous! It’s beyond the human mind, I know, but yes, He’s chosen us to live and reign with Him forever! Married to our Redeemer! A love story beyond words! Cinderella’s slipper story is relegated now to the compost pile!

Flabbergasted? Absolutely yes! Flattered? What do you think! Gonna take Him up on the invite? You bet your last dollar we are!

But a wedding of this type requires some specially tailored clothes! We can’t just saunter up in there with the common garb of common folk! ‘Cause since the King has chosen us, we’ll have to rearrange our thinking relative to His prestige and power, not our own flaws or unworthiness! That’s a big jump, but if He calls us beautiful, worthy and righteous- then we must assume that freely given status and carry His presence with grateful class!

And furthermore because of His kindness, it’s imperative that we dress appropriately! Remember, this is the King’s big moment, and we’re going to do all we can to bring honor to His Name! We love Him yes, but He loved us first! So we want to bring Him the glory in all this! Oh, and to add more weight to the festivities, the Father also awaits in anticipation for His Son’s wedding celebration! It’s gonna be epic!

So believers, we’ve been called to The Wedding, the greatest event of all time! And the King even sent us His own courtier to help us get ready for the big day! He’s a butler, valet and confidant! Anything you need He’ll have! Whatever the King would want in putting this wedding together, He’ll put it together! He knows the Groom’s heart, and there’s no thing He won’t pull off to make this perfect! He said He’d stay with us till we’re fully ready, so don’t fear in all this. He that’s begun a good work in our calling will also see this all the way through!

So Church, this is what we were created for! From the beginning of time to the end of the age, the creation and purchase of the Son’s bride was the centerpiece of God’s divine ingenuity! And what a beautiful bride it will be! Fully clothed, fully accepted, fully capable and fully rewarded it will be for the role it is to carry!

So till He comes to take us away- be clothed with humility, be filled with good works, forgive one another daily, love the difficult people you meet, pray for our communities, honor all peoples, give cheerfully, often and much, and be content with what you’re given! You’ll be confident then when He comes! The big day is just ahead! It’s likely much closer than we’ve thought!