A Note of Gratitude

by Impact Church

Just a brief note of gratitude to all the planned festivities of Impact Church this weekend. Beyond the realm of common effort, the honor bestowed on our Impact men was NT authentic and heartfelt; and more importantly, reflective of its deep desire to exalt Christ in every featured event. No greater thing could be said of service than that it was spiritual- faithfully prepared and flawlessly executed!

The plenary meals, special gifts, physical activities, profound words of honor, tears of gratitude and truckloads of affection took center stage in all three services of our two campus church. Of course, the air was festive at times and sober at others, and that was intentional; but the blending of humor and honor brought an incredible tenor to the well-attended and prayerful occasion. Without question, a weekend of such genuine appreciation and awareness of our church fathers elevates this Father’s Day weekend to a new high water mark!

So from Impact Church leadership, we simply wanted to recognize the continued Christ-like effort of so many in making our churches a beacon of diversity, unity, humility and fervent love. The prayer as our men gathered on Saturday morning was that we be godly influencers in home, church, community and the world. Join with us in this endeavor! Somehow, somewhere and someone will carry His life, His love, His words and His power! And we’ve now consented and concluded that that assignment is given to us! It is with joy then that we enter these summer months with a renewed Holy Spirit gusto! Filled with love, filled with grace and filled with faith, we anticipate the gospel being preached and lives changed in this beautiful season of the tangible presence of our God! Blessings to all of Impact Church!