Our Privileged Assignment

by Impact Church

Building on a Strong Foundation

As the month of April comes quickly to an end, the focused public awareness of Autism this month has provided could easily be lost through the busyness of our schedules and unintentional distraction. Unfortunately, there are people who jump on publicized bandwagons when the winds of attention are stirring, then become AWOL when convenience becomes costly and culture’s hype is less cool and rewarding. There’s little long-term transformation possible in the heart and mind of expected Autism supporters when the attention span it requires is as fickle as this spring’s weather. This should not, and cannot be our testimony.

As blogs, tweets, messages and various means of information have graced the public venues of print and technology this month, let us continue in ways that will consciously and gratefully make an ongoing difference. Time can diminish our zeal, and initial energy can be weakened if our sincere love be allowed to become a laborious duty. Choose to purposefully align and integrate with families that have children with Autism. Choose to encouragingly lift those who daily care and teach the same. We’ve been honored with this privileged assignment; we will see it through with passion and consistency. Our eternal rewards (and so many of our present time blessings, as well) are contingent on our faithful attention to even the smallest details of this beautiful ministry. Without fanfare, love will endeavor to make another’s day better; and the ways that can happen are innumerable and inexpensive. Be perceptive.

Much deeper and far beyond the eyes or perception of the outside world lies our greatest power. Outside the scope of our capacity to love and honor with our physical skills lies our most invaluable, yet invisible strength: our knowledge of the ever present ear of our Father when our prayers are being offered. Whatever the difficulties and dilemmas we face personally within our church family, persistent prayer will bestow sufficient Grace to our needs. God knows our occasional struggles and inconsistencies, both of the loved and the ones who are doing the loving; and that truth will keep us all obliged to be our brother’s keeper. Acknowledge the consistency of those who persevere lovingly without commendation or reward. What is normal for them is probably viewed as an unwilling extreme for the rest of us; honoring that in prayer and gratitude is proper. Opportunities in this life to love and care are divinely appointed; may we please well the One who trusted us with His precious children.

Impact Church is poised by promise to increase her territory; those who believe will enjoy the rich rewards of walking by faith in these divine Promises.

Blessings in abundance to all of Impact Church! ~ Pastor Mike Davis