1 Corinthians 13

by Impact Church

Excerpt from a wedding sermon this weekend at Impact Church:

“Cause “I love you” really begins with faith. And Faith isn’t some complex theological concept. It’s simply the dream of desire, the vision of possibility, the hunger for experience, the thirst for connection, the emotion of being obsessed with opportunity and chance, the inner courage of trusting, sometimes trusting again your intuition.

You see, Faith works best when love is the driver. Because it projects you beyond where things are to where you’d like things to be.

It’s love at work when faith says we can do this! Faith says we’re better together than we’d ever be alone! I believe in you and I believe in us! Faith says crazy things when love is at work! Love will make a man reach down deep and though he has a few butterflies, he’ll say “I’m ready for the plunge”!

And if you thought love was all about dreaming and wanting, desiring and holding and planning and looking forward to great things, think again. Think ahead. And think about patience and perseverance. ‘Cause love will work through some delays and difficulties, through some downturns and down times! Love will hold on to faith’s vision and fight through misunderstandings and stressful days. Love will put hope on the payroll and tell hope to push forward and put a little endurance in this relationship! Love won’t let disturbances and disappointments captain the ship. Love tells hope to stay the course. This ain’t nothing but a distraction! Full speed ahead. What’s a little delay or rainstorm to what faith has already envisioned!

The beauty of our love is worthy of being patient and persevering. Hope and patience won’t disappoint us. In fact,  Patience will uncover all the weaknesses in our relationship so we can work them out and remove them as possible hindrances in our future. Our love is greater than a bad day or tough set of circumstances ‘cause love is patient and kind and thoughtful. Love remains resolute in the face of rugged times and we don’t mind taking a little time off the clock to ensure a brighter tomorrow. That’s what love will do with hope. ‘Cause Love sees the big picture!

And here’s something else love will do: Love will defend its object of affection from every and all enemies. No power, foreign or domestic, defeats a relationship that love determines to be. Love is an overcomer– not so much in swords and violence but in laying one’s life down for the well-being and growth of another. Love will sacrifice its own preferences and privileges for the peace of another.

Love is a paradox beyond any calculated comprehension.  Love knows my wife is in fact a part of me! How could I dismiss, denounce or dishonor my own bodily existence, my own pleasure and significance? Love reaches for the highest virtues of relationship, forgetting the proud individualism of singleness and embraces the harmony of two is better than one. And if two become one, how powerful is that?

Love will be quick to forgive. And forget! For who wants to torment one’s own mind when it’s in his own power to remove it? Love basks in the beauty of unity, the togetherness of thought, the motion of synchronization, the compatibility of differing views worked out in Grace, kindness and appreciation! And what person would not nourish and coddle and pamper and forgive and reconcile and move on from anything or anyone who dared to interfere with his love!

Love is a fighter, a dreamer, a defender, a gardener, an advocate, a doctor, a lawyer, a servant, a soldier and a friend! Love looks ahead to what can be and hurdles every pothole with gusto! We’ve chosen to love, thus every other force is now subject to our every whim!  We choose to love! And love we will be! And love we are today! And God is love! And if God be for us…who can be against us!”