Despise Not the Day of Small Things

by Impact Church

In an age where super-size is the only size- from sodas to sofas, rims to airplanes or churches to CEO salaries- seems we’ve bought into a material concept that size means everything. And apparently this spirit of competitive consumerism has caught the eye of the manufacturing and marketing elite as well. For not only are we now conscious of good bargains, we’re susceptible to purchases far beyond our need for the sake of that supposed, “great deal!” (It’s a far better deal to buy 3 for $5 than 1 for $3, you know how we justify our behaviors!) We then have to purchase a gym and fitness plan to combat our inability to be frugal or at least be self controlled.

Not only are we big on big stuff, we’re big on big names and big titles and big personas. Our ability to drop names in common conversation speaks garishly of our insecurities and ambitious strivings for place and esteem. The automatic credibility we give to those with letters or titles, either before or behind their names, declares our predetermined sense of what’s lofty and worthy of pursuit. Yet seldom are we aware of the blindness that blind attraction to personalities brings in exposing one’s own vanity and shallowness.

Seems the greater an image is portrayed by means of media and marketing, the more readily we are to accept the personality or product with little scrutiny. A big time athlete places his name on most any product, and it’s an instantly hot item. If the mass culture sanctions a personality, whether in art, academia, athletics, aesthetics, or God forbid, religion- then the acceptance of his brand is automatic- promoted and profitable! The pressure to conform to culture through sheer numbers is more than most withstand! It’s common to the common mind, but may it never be the course of the uncommonly redeemed!

So fast forward, no… I’m talking about way, way forward…. to the day of small things! The day where God gives special attention to things we normally wouldn’t give the time of day. The day whereby even faith as a mustard seed is favored extravagantly by the God who alone sets the rules for true success! However (we should’ve seen this coming!), we’ve been primed by those enigmatic personalities of the Old Testament for this very special day. From creation, God provided an insignificant means (insignificant only to those who think big things are required to do big things) to overthrow sin’s rule and elevate His own righteous rule through faith in His Son, Jesus!

That small stone in David’s sling was far more than a Sunday school topic or a bedtime story! Far more than Gideon’s handful of candle holders and Samson’s dead mule jawbone was God designing this day of small things. Yes, in those strange and singular events where small things provided indescribable victories, God was climaxing them all to the day wherein His Son was available to everyone… Not to the got-it-all together wealthy, wise and noble, but to those who’d simply believe!

So go ahead dreamer- dream big; and you patient perseverers – hope eternally; but leave the incomprehensible process to faith in God! How oft do we allow our circumstantial mountains to eclipse those more sure promises established in “all things are possible to them who believe!” (Mark 10:27)