God Can Be Pleased

by Impact Church

When Jesus heard it, he marveled, and said to them that followed, Verily I say unto you, I have not found so great faith, no, not in Israel. Matthew 8:10

In a culture obsessed with “look mom, no hands” to validate one’s significant ability, and “selfies” as the pic-trendy commercial for individualism, it’s no shock few live out their potential. Place and value are the vacuous dark holes of the soul, and energies expended to fill those voids leave most bankrupt. For the cost of searching them out is as prohibitive as the false assurance we hope to find in the search. And though means thru which common men will seek acceptance is noble, the sandcastles on the seashore of life are the ignoble labors of the unwise. There remains however, a better method of satisfying both human significance and value!

Humanity’s need for special attention is rooted in its insecure fellowship with the Creator. The peace Adam experienced with the Father’s presence in the cool of the day had no ostentatious purpose. No image projection was hoped for, nor was some subliminal message intended. God’s presence satisfied man’s significance and in that environment, community became the ultimate belonging. Regardless of alienated societies, divisive rhetoric and impersonal lifestyles, a renewal of that basic need of community is nearer than we think! And though the path is hidden by a demand of the spectacular, a moment of Grace reveals simplicity.

It’s beyond most to think we could do or say anything God could admire. But that’s a premise we’ve bought into from our fallen insecurities. From the beginning, God desired fellowship with man thru faith, so that a simple trust in His Word and power would bring peace to man and pleasure to Him! Furthermore, that virtuous combination would have heaven as a byproduct! The disbelief exercised in man, from Genesis to now, has been the single ingredient making human existence toxic and intolerable. And that includes both man-caused tribulation and God’s divine judgment. Our unbelief is the creator of the world’s crisis. But God can be pleased…and created beings have power thru faith to walk under, and with, divine favor!

Jesus was visibly moved and verbally inspired to recognize the Roman centurion’s grasp of a basic tenet of faith. A man of authority, he concludes, could speak here and have work done over there! Wow! Jesus marvels at the barbaric soldier’s approach to divine things! So you just speak the word, Jesus and my servant, miles away, will be healed! And with his own family unconvinced of His Messiahship, a rough untaught man of violence and war was getting what the ones who should trust couldn’t! The Creator of the world, the Origin of all wisdom, the Caretaker of the universe was in awe of the simplest of man’s ability! And we think we have to dunk well, run the mile in 4, or have a perfect SAT score to succeed and play a significant role! No way! Jesus marveled and stood amazed, simply at the Roman soldier’s willingness to believe!

There’s no one with more clout than the name of Jesus! Agreed!  So when His eyes have caught our faith, when our heart opens to trust and when our focus rivets on His ability, the Creator rises to revel in that exchange! And if the God of all glory is the spectator in the stands of our faith, who else’s admiration would we ever seek? It’s certain the vacuum of value and significance is forever satisfied when a high-fiving Jesus comes down and applauds you before the whole world! We seek His face thru believing His Word and His presence is the reward of our effort! If the Father affirms, no other affirmation really matters!