Each Person

by Impact Church

In this technological, digitally permeated culture, communication is convenient from a distance. It’s also easiest in bulk. Mass memos, email blasts and volume messaging are the norm.  It is expedient and resourceful to use every medium and method available to convey the message; but the truth is those do not normally achieve the greatest results.

How did you find your favorite restaurant?

How did you start watching your favorite TV show?

How did you hear the last song you kept on repeat?

My guess is the answer to most of those is that someone you know told you about it and invited you to be a part. It is a basic but electrifying reality. A purposeful, intentional invitation from someone you trust is the highest mechanism for response there will ever be.  Programs, promos, and propaganda don’t get people to do things. People get people to do things! Personal, individual, tailored interaction is and will always be the most persuasive and influential way to advance an ideal, relay information or enlist support.

The Apostle Paul was way ahead of us as he instructed the Colossian church on the “secret” of effectively relating to and reaching others in Colossians 4.

6 Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer EACH PERSON.

Grace is best ministered to each person!

In the same way that even the best chef allows the guest to salt their food as desired, the way we speak and interact with others should be adapted based on the person and the situation.  That’s impossible by mass or bulk. Obviously the truth of the gospel remains the same, but our ability to interact with individuals to convey its power for them personally demonstrates our maturity and our concern for their well-being.  We can take a different angle or unfold the truth at different proportions based upon the leading of the Holy Spirit and the needs of the recipient. While this is more dangerous than simply screaming from afar, it has far more potential impact.