by Impact Church

If anyone thirsts, let him come to Me and drink. He who believes in Me,as the Scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water. (NKJV) John 7:37-38

Let’s just start with this premise,… Followers of Jesus Christ are to be the most life-filled and life-giving people on the planet! Rather than enduring an existence of severe self-denial and asceticism, Christians should be exuberant with joy as we squeeze life out of every day!

John, who is rightly known as the “disciple of love” because of the emphasis of his writings, could also be labeled the “apostle of life.” His gospel contains more references to life than the other three gospels combined; when his three short epistles and the Revelation are included, he mentions life more than the Apostle Paul does in over half the New Testament.

In Jesus’ life-changing encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well (John 4) and in the verses mentioned above, John captures the heart of the Master as he refers to the abundant, everlasting life offered by Christ as “living water.” Isn’t it just like Jesus to equate His mind-blowing, never-before-experienced essence of life to something as common, plentiful and unstoppable as rushing water?!?

John in 7:39 let us in on the fact that the “rivers of living water” refers to the Holy Spirit who would be given in abundant measure after the Messiah’s death and resurrection. Bible students without a doubt reflect back to Moses striking the rock at Horeb, precipitating the miracle of millions of gallons of water gushing forth in the wilderness. Paul recognized that our spiritual Rock was Christ Jesus (1 Cor. 10:4). The smiting of that Rock on the cross and His ultimate resurrection and ascension to Heaven opened the way for the miracle of Pentecost as the indwelling power of the Holy Spirit was made available to all believers!

If the Holy Spirit lives in and through a Christian – and He does – then we are designed (reborn) to be a wellspring of life-giving joy and peace and hope to those around us. Did you notice Jesus’ word “rivers”? Christ Himself is the Source and, in the form of His Spirit, wants to flow through us to minister to this world. What a privilege to be a channel through which the everlasting life of Almighty God flows to reconcile lost humanity to Himself!

That’s why we at Impact Church refuse to follow any kind of model of dry, dead religion. This generation doesn’t need more religion; it needs a vibrant relationship with its loving Creator, the Source of all life. And Guilford, Rockingham, the Carolinas and beyond will experience that love as we allow His Spirit to flow through us.

Oswald Chambers said that river of the Holy Spirit is “victoriously persistent,…it overcomes all barriers.” Maybe there’s something obstructing the river’s flow in your life, dear saint of God, and you just need to be reminded today to search your heart. Maybe the root of the problem is ingratitude, self-centeredness, resentment or bitterness,… Whatever it is, why not get your eyes off the obstacle and allow the refreshing waters of the Holy Spirit to renew your mind with a fresh vision of who you are in Christ!

When we do that, we will cease to be like the Dead Sea – always taking in and never giving out – and will allow the mighty rivers of the life of Jesus to flow through us.

Believe on the Son of God. Receive His forgiveness and newness of life. Drink of the water of life freely. Then go forth,…and gush!