“Encouraged Together”

by Impact Church

11 For I long to see you so that I may impart some spiritual gift to you, that you may be established; 12 that is, that I may be encouraged together with you while among you, each of us by the other’s faith, both yours and mine. 

Romans 1:11, 12

There may not be a more powerful experience in our Christian life than to be a part of the meaningful fellowship of a church. It began with meeting a welcoming face when we walked to the door of uncertainty. We got over the awkward feeling of sitting in an unfamiliar room with unknown people. We realized that everyone was joyfully worshiping. Then, we heard the dynamic preaching of the Word of God. In a short time, the Holy Spirit quietly drew us into a fellowship that shared their life and invited us to share ours.

From the two verses above, the Apostle Paul wrote to the Roman church that he desired to see the saints in that fellowship. He said, “I long to see you…”. The word for “long” is the same word for the strongest desire, desire for love or even “lust”.  His heart strongly desired to see the saints. When we are away from those we love, there is no greater moment than when we see them, face to face. Paul wanted to do more than just see those beloved saints; he wanted to give them something. He wanted to “impart” or effectively give them a spiritual gift for their spiritual growth. There are many social engagement opportunities in the world, but the church of Jesus Christ is a place where we receive a spiritual gift that establishes us in the body of Jesus Christ.

Christian fellowship is the strongest social experience in the world. Nothing compares. But there is even more for us: we are “encouraged together” by each other’s faith. That is the way Christians ought to deal with each other and how it feels to be part of a real spiritual fellowship. In a world of cynics, sarcasm, spiteful and mean-spirited people, the fellowship of Christians is the sweetest experience. When someone brings up your struggles, even when appearing to be caring, you are dealing with the adversarial spirit of the devil. Zechariah saw Satan standing at the right hand of the high priest to accuse him (3:1). We need real Christian fellowship to counter the demonic voices of those who want to talk about the things we struggle with.

Paul wrote to the Christians at Rome out of a heart of love for them. In his letter, the Holy Spirit, inspired the greatest revelation of the heart of God in Christ Jesus for the believers to know what God did at the Cross and Resurrection and how we can live in this world as His saints.

On Wednesday night, September 3, Impact Church is launching the Wednesday night fellowship with a study of the Book of Romans. It will be an informal time for reading, studying, discovering, and sharing of God’s revelation. It will be a time when we are “encouraged together”. Come join us!