Leave the Big Stuff to the Big Guy

by Impact Church

2 Kings 5:9-14

One of the great hindrances to deliverance, whether spiritual, physical or otherwise, oft lies in the absence of an expected complex answer. It’s commonly held that humanity’s method of solving problems has a corresponding price tag. The greater degree of difficulty we ascribe to our issues, the more complex and expensive we assume the remedy requires. Thus, in almost everything, we assign compensation and wage scales relative to the tasks required.

For example, though both babysitter and pediatrician have vested and common interests in a child’s care, the pay scale for the two child care services are miles apart. The differing compensation packages are based primarily on the child’s needs. To expertly change a messy diaper is one thing, to expertly change a sickly child’s diet or medication carries a far greater responsibility! A mistake from one is corrected by warm water and another Huggie; an error from the other could be life threatening. The deeper the possible consequences, the greater we expect to pay for alleviating them.

Return to the scripture for a moment with Naaman’s leprosy and Elisha’s simplistic command to dip in the Jordan seven times for his cleansing. With the usual pomp and sophistication of a Syrian commander and with an eloquent appeal to the rigorous and intellectual framework from which true professionals operate, Naaman staked his reputation on the learned respect he had for prominent leaders, especially the Prophet Elisha. Yet, for once in his storied life and though his leprosy was profound and terminal, his proud name and title were of little or no significance. In fact, we may rightly assume that Naaman’s pride contributed largely to Elisha’s dismissive and common demand, slighting him intentionally and accomplishing a far greater healing than that of his diseased body.

Elisha and Naaman are easily aligned as figures of Christ and mankind; not only in the typing of leprosy with sin, but in the attitude of man towards his desired wholeness. Historically, leprosy, like sin, was an incurable disease. To be freed from such a spectacle of shame and isolation deserved special reimbursement, and no price was too high for health if the sick had the resources to offer. So it is with all men concerning the soul’s heaviest dread. And though human efforts to eliminate or diminish sin’s fast track to inevitable death through works of the Law, there was no rescue from sin’s prophetic stroke of death. Sin had free course and no extravagance of means was capable or available for man’s deliverance from it. That is, till Calvary and the empty tomb!

God has ordained humanity’s salvation through an incomprehensible love demonstrated in the Son. No muscle or might of men could make possible what the Son did in His death. No human wisdom or intellect could accomplish the impossible thing God did through a divine wisdom before the world began. “Not by power, nor might, but by my Spirit” moved man from the equation of his own redemption, and placed the complexities of the forgiveness of sin in the works of the Savior alone. The hard thing has been done by the One who does all things well, and in so doing He made an indescribable salvation available through the simplest of demands: Believe!

To man, no more hoops to jump through or walls to jump over; the work of God is now perfectly finished and its crowning glory is Christ by faith in the believer! What a Savior! And what a salvation! To God be the glory, now and forever. Amen!