His Mercy Endures Forever

by Impact Church

An Introduction to the seemingly trivial phrase:

“For his mercy endures forever” Psalm 136

Some things in life are overlooked and undervalued, not for their unworthiness, but for their consistent presence and immeasurable abundance. And though life be sustained through an obvious dependence on them, there’s a tendency to waltz through life assuming their presence commonplace and neglect to appreciate their presence. A strange premise to begin perhaps, but elementary truth is often stranger than elevated fiction.

For a moment, consider the parts and essential elements factored into our daily lives. And give special attention to those things that are deeply integrated, yet separate from conscious awareness. For so it may be with spouses, friends, health, family, peace, job, home, happiness… or maybe, and certainly, that overarching, catch-all word, Grace. They’re undoubtedly the threads and colors woven intimately, intricately, seamlessly and indispensably in the pattern of life; so that without them there’d likely be no fabric or canvas at all.

But the wise would never allow such an earthy, derelict label be attached to such a righteously acute conscience! For to recognize and grasp anything complex is to first acknowledge the parts and pieces comprising it. Then through intentional dismantling and breakdown of sophistication, an appreciation of the Creator’s genius and purpose is measured. Essentially, it’s in elevating the unnoticed and oft assumed elements of life that life is better valued, appropriated and maintained.

That small word “mercy” and the phrase “for His mercy endures forever” is so copiously embedded in the Bible that it’s easily overlooked as filler material, and especially in the 26 verses of Psalm 136! But let’s slow down for a moment and digest the part we rush through to get to the meaty substance. That repetitious phrase is so integral to the content that without it there’s no canvas or context to which it may be applied. Statements of God’s power, character and care are true and worthy of belief, but the reasoning behind His actions is the key that unlocks the door for our glorious participation in them! And the motive, logic and rationale of His unreasonable involvement in creation’s redemption must first be established on that one single premise, “For His mercy endures forever”!

As mortals of creation, we exist due to His genius, but our continued existence is attributed to His mercy. There’s no argument from the wise as to having any sense of entitlement of life; for to simply be is strange enough, but to be and be blessed is utterly confusing. To acknowledge the moral rightness of God, the known judgments incurred by our immoral wrongness and the ever-widening chasm of man’s indifference toward God — and we still have a place and breath is unfathomable. His mercy is our only lifeline. His constant care for us in the face of our disdain is awkward. He keeps loving us still. His face never turns. He reaches for our hands and hopes for our hearts and His mercy endures forever. It’s for that truth alone that we’re not consumed, and for that truth alone Jesus Christ has now become the ultimate offering of God’s infinite mercy. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever has now become synonymous with “for His mercy endures forever”! He is what’s written!

So as you consider your dreams, contemplate on new ventures, compile resources and configure the design of your future- don’t forget. And as you reflect on the support, encouragement and favor of friends and family, the sacrifices others make, the underpinnings of your position, the wind under your wings, the builders of your character and persona- don’t forget. And as you experience joy beyond words, answered prayers and on time miracles, ministry equipping and ministry expending, souls to Christ and bodies healed, loving the lost and being loved- don’t forget. And as you sail the seas, raise your children, mow your grass, grill the steaks and butter the corn- don’t forget.

For the part that’s indispensable, the part everything rests on and the part that’s oft overlooked and unappreciated is simply the mercy of the Lord. Undoubtedly, recognizing His mercy as the sole reason we flourish is also the reason His blessings are so recognizable through us. For to willingly acknowledge alongside the prophet, “What is man that you’d be mindful of him?” is to begin the Grace filled life with gratitude and humbleness of mind. Nothing deserving, nothing entitled and nothing inherently worthy of the Sacrifice; yet His immeasurable love gives worth to fallen men! For that, a few unbridled hallelujahs are permitted and expected!

May our minds be oft renewed thru receiving the unnoticed nutrition provided in that one single truth, “for His mercy endures forever”!