Praise Ye The Lord

by Impact Church

Let every thing that hath breath, praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord!  ~ Psalms 150:6

 Oh, the raw simplicity of pleasing our Creator God! How uncomplicated are His precepts! How fitted are our capabilities with His commands! How close are we with Him when, through some awareness of His presence, an inspired spontaneous expression of adulation flows from us! How comely is praise, how freeing is the soul from fear and anxiety and how satiated is the mind when processing the worthiness of God! How perfect is the emotion created from extolling the greatness of He Who alone satisfies the adoring creature! Whether seeing Him through nature, knowledge, love or sense– His handiwork is overtly present, an inviting allurement to know the ultimate Creator, Author, Lover or Guide. So it has been established that praise to God, that unrestrained, unconfined and unending awe of the incomprehensible One, be the great evidence of our awareness of His unlimited ability and our unmet need.

Of all the teachings necessary for training a young generation, there’s none more pertinent than that of cultivating a mind to the vastness of our creative God. Beyond the furthest reach of all human knowledge lies the beginning expanse of His infinite mind. At the earliest of training, at the search for knowledge, at the outset of discovery, at the cusp of imagination and dreams– may the nugget of all golden truths be presented clearly as the single test of passage for any further experience. There is no blessing provided through knowledge if knowledge is acquired without an equal acquisition of reverence for the Source of that understanding. May unabashed honor and praise be forthcoming from the children who’ve learned at the feet of faithful parents, mentors, teachers and spiritual leaders. Those who offer praises to God, while enriched with knowledge and understanding, are world changers!  The humble, with wisdom, rock the world’s systems of egoism, pride and self assertion. Adoration and praise belong forever to the One who knows all, sees all and does all things well! To Him be honor and glory forever! The origin of every good and perfect gift is of the Father, and continued acknowledgement of even life itself serves all mankind well!

As the summer of 2014 leads us into a season of service, sacrifice and soul winning, may the stronger motivation of gratitude and praise move us beyond the affective superficial elements of heat, civic duty and religious consciousness. To see as Jesus sees, the privileges and assignments of our churches are the indicators of His trust and benevolence for us. That consolation alone inspires the greatest of our abilities; and the untold rewards now and in time we won’t even discuss! To serve Him is one thing, to serve Him with gladness and count our service as the least of our concern, is that which the scriptures speak. And others have given us the pattern. To be counted worthy of service is the praise that elevates the very character of the churches. The immeasurable benefits to worshipers who count it an honor to sweat for His Namesake are compensated by the One who holds all things by the Word of His power.

How quaint is the lip-synching of the oft quoted scripture “praise the Lord”! How smoothly do those three words roll from our tongues, and how quickly does their intent stop, as if having them stated somehow satisfies their command. But there must be greater meaning in the praise of God than a mere ovation of “praise the Lord”. It’s more probable that the short instruction of “praise the Lord” is the catalyst that unlocks the ability of humanity, aware of the goodness and vastness of the Lord, to release the unbounded praise and gratitude that is deserving of His Name. The follow-up on that one precept occupies the mind, softens the heart, and assures the soul of its worthiness and, in some strange way, even uplifts the body.

What is it about “praise the Lord” we wouldn’t like if we saw the immediate benefits? So praise the Lord people! Praise ye the Lord