A Father’s Day Message

by Impact Church

“One father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” -George Herbert

It is impossible to write this week’s newsletter on Father’s Day weekend without continuing to honor and encourage the great fathers of our congregation. We are a blessed, strong church because of the selfless men that God has placed in our family.  To commemorate these men, I would like to share two quick messages; the first message is TO fathers and the second message is FOR fathers. 

A message TO fathers: (This section is from Pastor Mike’s Father’s Day message at the Reidsville campus.)

The common side of fatherhood is characterized by terms such as masculinity, sweat, provision, barbells and calluses. However, there is a less noticeable but highly significant “other side” of fatherhood that is just as necessary and important. There is a softer, deeper component that deal with the attitudes that govern fatherhood that can be detailed in this acronym.

F – FAITHFUL: Playing a role inconsistently is as ineffective as not playing the role at all.  Your role does not have to be superhuman, just consistent.

A – ATTENTIVE: It is possible to be present physically but preoccupied mentally and emotionally. A father is aware and focused. He entices conversation and is a patient listener.

T – TENDER: This is definitely the “other side” of fatherhood. A father is affectionate, kind, compassionate and understanding.

H – HONORABLE: A father is principled, integrous and genuine. He distances himself from possible shameful situations.

E – ENCOURAGING: Much more than a command or an instruction, a father enthusiastically injects those he influences with life-giving inspiration and positivity.

R – REDEMPTIVE: A father has a mind to see things restored and brought back to health. He does not see things as they are but how they could/should be.

A message FOR fathers: (Four things Dad would love to hear)

A father can live six months off of one well-placed compliment. They are thankful for the tie, the golf clubs and the drill bits but here are four suggestions that the man in your life would love to hear.

1. I appreciate you.  – Let him know that you notice and are thankful for how he fathers. Share with him a specific way you appreciate him. Maybe he helps his son with his homework every night or reads to his daughter before going to bed. Let him know that you recognize and appreciate the things he does.

2. Your role is important. –  Studies show that dads make just as much of a difference when it comes to the healthy development of kids as moms. Remind your husband/dad that you recognize his role as a dad is not the same as that of a mother, but is just as important and integral.

3. Keep up the good work.  – There are always areas that we wish he would improve on but focus and encourage them in the areas in which they excel. It relieves stress from our lives and inspires continued development.

4. I support you . – This Father’s Day let him know that you have his back, you’re in his corner, and are fighting with him, not against him. If he stumbles you will be there to help him up. Let him know if no one else is praying for him, you are!

Happy Father’s Day from your Impact Church Family!