Soulful Renewal and Restoration

by Impact Church

But let judgment run down as waters, and righteousness as a mighty stream. 

Amos 5:24 

Reflecting warmly on recent salvation testimonies and the subsequent water baptism service at Impact Church, it seems appropriate to declare and expound briefly on one of the solid foundational truths relative to a soul’s conversion. Knowledge of the renewed state and condition of the soul, from both God’s perspective and the human, is the cornerstone for confident living after faith is exercised.

Two forces, indescribably contrary and contentious, now affect all mankind. One is sin, a darkened spiritual element injected in all human flesh by Adam’s fall under Satan’s subtlety. The other is Grace, the totality of God’s saving provision for fallen men, through the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus. Sin’s power made all men servant to it, and even worse, victims, in the deepest of terms, of the first Adam’s transgression. Being born in sin meant all men were carriers of Adam’s fallen nature.

However Grace, ministering from Christ, is received through faith, in which also we are rescued from the victimization of sin to a victorious power of divine favor.  Only the sinless perfection of Jesus, living under the Law and in the likeness of sinful flesh, could redeem us from the curse the Law imposed on those who disobeyed, of which all were culpable, guilty and worthy of death.

The power of sin worked through the flesh to produce its fruit of unrighteousness. Lust, vice and every form of wickedness ruled unabated through the flesh. Being a servant to sin, none could evade the results of unrighteousness and sin’s inevitable death. Unbelief, Satan, sin, unrighteousness and death became the five step drop to mankind’s separation from his Creator. However, in receiving Christ, we’ve been delivered from it all! Praise break! But that’s not all. Not even close! What revived state does the soul achieve when its exodus from sin is accomplished?

As destructive as sin was, so is Grace far, far more restorative. In parallel, Grace also, of which we’re now partakers, has fruit. Yep, you guessed it…righteousness: i.e., not only a right standing with God and an inner peace but also power to perform a lifestyle of deeds acceptable to God. In fact, as powerfully as sinners sinned under the Law so the redeemed are empowered to exhibit righteousness through Grace and faith. How cool is that! Believing this as truth, the soul lives and roars as a mighty stream! No longer striving for righteous by obeying the Law, of which failure was sure; we are now obedient, not to the Law, but to the faith of Christ and His righteousness, of which now, both acceptance and performance are ours! Thus believing in Christ brought grace, righteousness and everlasting life into the believer’s eternal relationship with his Creator.

Righteousness has now become our expressive New Life. All we are and all we do comes from our newly created life in Christ! Our old life existed primarily in consuming and coveting things that satisfied our sinful flesh, in both mind and body. But from our new spirit Life pours out: liberally, indiscriminately, enthusiastically and generously. To whatever degree we saw in Jesus as the ultimate giver, so of that life we are now in possession. May our faith in Him and love for Him be a perpetual display of Him through seeds sown from the righteousness we possess by Him! Sow in famine, sow in tears, sow in cold, sow in tribulation, sow consistently – and don’t be weary! – in due season, we will reap!